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Show Clients When to Claim Their Social Security: Software Tutorial and Client Talking Points

Wednesday, August 7 at 4:00 PM ET/1:00 PM PT

The most advanced Social Security planning software ever offered by Horsesmouth is now available to all Savvy Social Security Planning subscribers and Horsesmouth Master Members. Our popular calculators for married, divorced, widowed, and single clients have been integrated into one powerful software program that also incorporates dependent benefits for clients who have minor children or a disabled adult child. 

The software takes into account SSA’s complex rules for child-in-care benefits and maximum family benefits to show possible claiming scenarios for nearly every family situation. It also streamlines the more common everyday situations to give married couples, widows, and single and divorced individuals guidance on when to claim. Advisors using our Savvy Social Security Planning tools have helps thousands of clients overcome their early-claiming tendencies and view Social Security as an asset to be maximized and an insurance policy against living too long.

Join us for this hands-on webinar where Elaine Floyd will walk you through the software and discuss ways you can present its findings to clients to both help them claim Social Security at the right time and go on to integrate Social Security into the rest of their retirement income plan. The Savvy Social Security Planning program was designed to enable advisors to deliver valuable advice to clients and also develop new business through education and outreach. This webinar will focus on the software, but you’ll be invited to explore the other aspects of the program, including ongoing training in Social Security rules and strategies to build your expertise, and marketing and client education resources to help you reach out to more people.

Social Security remains the top source of actual and expected income for Americans in retirement, according to the 2024 EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey. With people living longer today, it’s more important than ever to maximize Social Security’s lifetime, inflation-adjusted income and for clients to understand the long-term impact of the various possible claiming decisions on their future financial security.


Your workshop will be led by Elaine Floyd, CFP®, Horsesmouth’s Director of Retirement and Life Planning. Elaine is the author of The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Savvy Social Security Planning and The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Savvy Medicare Planning. She is often quoted in leading publications including the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, Marketwatch’s Retirement Weekly and other publications.